3 Reasons You Literally Need This Shave Gel


It's typical to hear men complain about the pain, irritation, or razor burn that comes from shaving! It's also no surprise, most of these men are still using cheap aerosol cans of shaving cream. As 2021 comes to an end, it's time to leave the pain and irritation behind and start getting the perfect shave from here on out!

The PRO-COMFORT TRIPLE ACTION SHAVE GEL from Profile is hands down at the top of the list for shave gel options. You LITERALLY need it! Men's skin is more sensitive because of the harsh effects of shaving. The PRO-COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel makes for a smoother shave with reduced sensitivity and pH balancing while moisturizing, toning, calming, and nourishing the skin.


Shave gel has three tasks - Hydration, Lubrication, and Soothing skin.

Profiles PRO-COMFORT SHAVE GEL provides hydration by keeping moisture in facial hair during your shave, making them softer and easier to cut.

Shaving gel is excellent for creating a thin layer of protection between your skin and the blades. By lubricating the skin, you ensure less friction, minimizing the risk of razor burn and irritation, especially minor cuts.

Another benefit of the Profile PRO-COMFORT SHAVE GEL is the soothing and refreshing feeling you'll have after your shave is complete. It helps restore moisture stripped by shaving, powered with vitamins and nutrients to help energize the skin and reduce the visual signs of aging.

Of course, our suggestion is to shave the direction of hair growth and let the razor and PRO-COMFORT do the work.