4 Questions About Mens Skincare Answered

Have you ever tried to get your male partner, dad, brother/any man in your life to moisturize? Sometimes it can be a battle of wills wondering who will win out. Although men are more conscious about their skincare these days, some still need a little coaxing to ensure they are properly taking care of their skin.

Today we're going to answer your top 4 questions about men's skincare.

1. What men should use moisturizer?

Almost all men should use a moisturizer, but men who experience dry skin, have medium to light complexions, or naturally, oily skin could benefit from using a combination moisturizer/sunscreen. In addition, men who are out in the sun must apply sunscreen to their faces daily, which dries out men's skin, so adding a moisturizer to their routine will help with hydration and protection from the sun. The Defend Hydrating Facial Sunscreen is a 2 in 1 moisturizer plus sunscreen, making it a great option.

2. Are men's skincare products different than women's?

Generally, men have thicker, oilier skin that needs more pore cleaning to prevent blackheads and breakouts. Men's skincare products contain ingredients that men need, such as anti-aging, pore cleansing, and non-acnegenic ingredients to help men have healthy skin. Profile Skincare is designed and formulated specifically for men.

3. What do men fear about skincare?

Men's fear about their skincare is that the products will clog their pores and cause breakouts. However, men's skincare is made to clear men's pores, which reduces the chance of men developing acne. In addition, today's products are made with men's skin in mind to give men products that men can use without worry about skin irritation or breakouts. Thank you, Rob!

4. How often do men need to wash their faces?

Men need to wash their faces twice daily with a men's facial cleanser. The Action Rehydrating Cleanser is a perfect daily cleanser that also prevents irritation. However, men with oily skin need to be careful of over-washing their faces, which can cause more acne. So men should make sure they rinse their face thoroughly but not scrub it until it's raw.

So men, hopefully, after reading this, you'll feel more confident about using skincare products and be willing to start on a daily routine that will keep their skin healthy and happy. It's never a bad time to start taking care of your skin.