4 Signs Its Time To Start Hydrating Your Face

Ever feel like your face is uncomfortably tight? That's a good clear sign your skin is dry or dehydrated. For a healthy, youthful complexion, proper hydration is critical! Dehydrated skin is caused by many circumstances such as cold weather, dry air, washing the skin excessively, and spending too much time in the sun. So, if you notice signs of either, it's helpful to hydrate your skin barrier and restore moisture. Here are 4 ways your skin is letting you know it's time to moisturize! 

1. Your face feels tight

That feeling when your face has that stiff, cracking feeling and tighter than usual is one of the most giant red flags for dehydrated skin. When your skin loses moisture, it begins to stretch and crack. It may almost feel like you've been wind blasted while skiing or dealing with extreme temperature changes that can suck the moisture out of the out layer of your skin. The result is tight, itchy skin and a flashing sign screaming "Moisturize!!!". Give your skin the lasting moisture it's quenching with Profile's LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer for intense hydration and less noticeable fine lines.

 2. You inconveniently keep breaking out

Ever notice when your skin is dewy and hydrated, your acne seems more "in control"? Believe it or not, dry skin can cause acne flare-ups. With over-dry skin, the top layer of your skin loses the ability to protect against irritants and pollutants. Sometimes we believe dry skin will be our friend and help acne dry up and clear, but sadly, that isn't so.

3. Your skin stopped shinning and looks dull

Dry skin comes with a lot of downsides, and a dull complexion is on the list. The goal is bright, glowy skin. Dehydrated skin can look drained of its life, and it's not appealing. Dead skin built up on the face acts as a cast and doesn't allow your skin to shine bright. Consider the REVITALIZE Detoxifying Face Scrub to help sweep away those layers of build-up, revealing the hydrated skin you've been ignoring.

4. The appearance of more fine lines and wrinkles

Dehydrated skin typically displays accelerated signs of aging! If any of these signs scare you, this should be the one. Those with oily skin have an advantage over those with dry skin because they have a built-in moisturizer, which creates a smoother texture. When your skin is dehydrated, your fine lines and wrinkles appear more exaggerated. Who would ever want to look older by choice? Moisturizing the skin is one of the most essential parts of your skincare routine and keeps you looking your best.

 Hydrated skin is healthy, happy skin. Look younger and feel better about how you look and feel by tapping on some moisturizer regularly and as needed. If you’re noticing the signs, it's time to start hydrating and never look back. Profile moisturizers can relieve dry facial skin and boost the look of your appearance. You can’t always avoid dehydrated skin, but you can do everything in your power to fight against it with a quality moisturizer.