7 Common but Crucial Mistakes Men Make with Skincare

1. Believing All Soap is the Same   

    The rumors are true: facial cleansers and body soaps are not the same things. Though they share similar ingredients, soaps formulated for your body can be harsh and stripping because they have a higher pH level, which can dry out skin, leaving it prone to the effects of the environment. If you’re still washing your face with shower gel or bar soap, you’re not alone, but stop doing that right now. A liquid daily facial cleanser can penetrate and clean the skin deeply without stripping it of essential oils and provide the moisture necessary to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. This will help minimize wrinkles and pores and discourage those other rumors (psst … the ones about aging) from developing.

    2. Letting Dead Skin Linger  

    Dead skin cells are bad news, but because they aren’t visible most men don’t even realize they exist.  Many of these cells shed on their own, but a prolonged accumulation of dead cells can block natural oils from surfacing to moisturize your skin. This leads to dry, flaky skin and clogged pores that trap bacteria and cause acne and blackheads. Exfoliating your skin with a gentle facial scrub to slough off these cells can reduce the signs of aging and also prepare follicles for a closer shave. This can be done once a week. If you’ve noticed your skin has become dull and dehydrated, it’s time to invest in a charcoal-based face scrub like our REVITALIZE because letting dead skin cells linger will only come back to haunt you. 

    3. The Mis-shave 

    Don’t be a Mis-shaver. Some of the characteristics of The Mis-shave include using bar soap and water instead of a shave gel, using old razors, and not preparing the skin before you shave. If any of these 3 are part of your shaving routine then you are guilty of mis-shaving. Soften your skin and open your pores with a hot towel before you shave. Or shave in a hot shower.  Razors dull more quickly than many men realize.  Anything less than super sharp blades will cause nicks and microscopic damage to the skin. Swap out for new blades every 5 to 7 shaves, even less if you have extra course facial hair. Because shaving can strip the skin of its natural moisture, a moisturizing shave gel or cream is highly beneficial.  Look for one with exfoliants to better prepare the skin. 

    4. Ignoring Beard Basics 

    Beard grooming is a story unto itself and one area that proud hipsters everywhere have perfected. For those of you that are ignoring your beard, there is one thing you should not overlook. Washing, shampooing, and even conditioning your beard, keeps it healthy and groomed without any extra time in your routine. The key is that hair products, especially cheaper ones that may not bother your scalp, are often harsh with too many chemicals. If you’re using a high-end shampoo without sulfates, and you don’t notice any itching, you’re probably fine. It’s not necessary to purchase a separate beard shampoo, although the products for this on the market are amazing and recommended for a true beard aficionado.  But switching to a higher-end hair shampoo is likely enough. A quick application of a nice scented beard oil is an added bonus; try it once and you’ll know instantly if you love it to soften and smooth even a short beard. 

    5. Not Facing Gravity with Gravity

    Let’s face it: gravity plans on winning the race, and though you can’t stop it completely, there are things you can do to slow it down. Moisturizing is one of those things, and we’re talking daily. Dry skin not only ages faster, but it looks tired, weathered, and ashy day to day. Moisturizing is not only preventative for the long run, it will immediately smooth out fine lines for a healthier, younger look. Choose a high-performance facial moisturizer, not a dollar store body lotion. Try several to find a non-greasy feel, a scent that you prefer, and results you can see. Look for natural and botanical extracts, lipids, and no added water. With regular use, a competent moisturizer should improve skin elasticity and boost your body’s natural oil production which is vital when keeping the grave forces of gravity from crossing the finish line first.

    6. Avoiding Eye Contact

    The tissue around the eyes is some of the most fragile on the face, but it often gets ignored during routine skincare. This is because the average male is always on the move, rarely getting sufficient sleep, and facing daily environmental aggressors that can make the skin around the eyes dark, tired, and puffy. Traditional eye creams can be heavy, oily, and sticky. Our most popular skin product REVIVE Eye Rescue Serum, has a light, refreshing feel that immediately tightens the eye area and reduces puffiness. Making an eye treatment part of your daily regimen can actually help minimize puffiness and eliminate those dark circles so you can feel good about looking yourself in the eye. Rob likes to keep this amazing rollerball in his pocket and reapply before a meeting to refresh his look. 

    7. Forgoing Sunscreen

    You don’t have to live in the Sunshine State for your skin to be subjected to sun damage. The continual depletion of the ozone layer has made it easier than ever for harmful UV rays to penetrate the skin even on overcast days. This is why it’s essential to use sunscreen every day, especially where delicate skin is most susceptible to the effects of aging. Applying a daily sunscreen with a minimum of 15 SPF to your face for daily use, and SPF 30 or 50 when you will be in the sun for more than an hour.  To save a step in your skincare routine (we know many men don’t spend too much time primping), find a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. It’s crucial that your sunscreen is safe for the face, although if you’re in a pinch, any sunscreen is better than none. Daily sunscreen will provide the defense your skin needs to protect it from the sun’s glorious but damaging rays.