Bar Soap vs. Face Cleansers

Most women have a specific facial cleanser they use daily. I can assure you it's special because it's not the same bar of soap they use for their entire body. Men, you're no different. So when it comes to washing your face, don't be so quick to reach for the bar of soap.

Since we're honest here, the truth is that the skin on your face is a lot more delicate than the rest of your body. So you might think it's no biggie to quickly wash your face with a bar of soap, but the reality is that bar soap and face cleansers are not the same.

Typically, bar soaps contain harsher ingredients that shouldn’t be used on the face. Facial cleansers like the ACTION Rehydrating Cleanser are for daily use and designed specifically for men and for your face. Even though soaps are made to scrub away dirt and oil, they aren't made to remove oil on your face while keeping it hydrated. The bottom line, bar soaps are drying out your face.  

The difference with the Action Rehydrating Cleanser is that it's a moisturizing, stimulating, and nourishing cleanser that is gentle enough for your face. In addition, this cleanser helps remove dirt that is deep down in your pores while providing instant hydration.

The boar of soap you're using that's drying out your face is doing more harm than you think. As your skin gets dry from the bar of soap, it's also becoming more prone to breakouts. In addition, since your stripping your face of its natural oils without rehydrating it, your skin will compensate by creating more oil. That excess oil will put you on the path to clogged pores and possible acne.

Let's not forget your weekly or daily shave. To avoid irritation and to have a more comfortable shave, you need your natural oils to protect your skin. The bar soap you're using is made for your body, but when used on the face, it will strip away the essential oils needed for a more comfortable shave. Aside from using Profile Pro-Comfort Triple Action Shave Gel, the cleanser your using is so important. Ditch the bar soap and swap for a product that's formulated to naturally give a deep clean but enriches the skin with vitamins and nutrients most bar soap strip away.