Comfort Your Skin Pre- and Post-Shave

Pre and post-shave skincare are essential in looking your best and preventing ingrown hairs and razor burn. Zero sign of irritation is the goal, and your skincare routine plays a significant role in your aging process and your skin's appearance post-shave. No matter your age, never underestimate the importance of proper skincare steps to avoid the harsh effects of shaving. The reality is, you're dragging a sharp blade across your face a few times a week, and irritation is almost inevitable. As you get older, your beard gets heavier, and you'll feel the need to shave more often. Unless you're campaigning for No Shave November year-round, you're likely shaving 2-3 times a week. You can't get the best shave of your life without prepping, so let's get things sorted out for you.

To keep your face looking so fresh and so clean, be sure to start off on the right foot. Don't pounce for the razor without getting prepped. Pretty sure the last thing you're going for is ingrown hairs, irritation, and some nicks, so let's prepare your skin and those whiskers pre-and post-shave for the best results.

Prep like a king

This is your week to get groomed correctly, like a king. To begin, you'll want to cleanse your face to start with a clean canvas. A healthy shave begins with a clean start. Our go-to is the ACTION Rehydrating cleanser to ensure your skin is moisturized, nourished, and feeling its best to start the fight against possible irritation. A bonus to cleaning with this wash is that it's designed specifically for men and helps reduce the visible signs of aging. Your skin is already cheering you on, and we're just getting started. Since we're preparing to shave, let's cleanse with warm water to open the pores and help relax your skin and hairs. Cleansing also removes any oils and build-up on your skin to help the blade make a smooth pass and prevent irritation. A quick tip from the experts is to avoid shaving in the morning as your skin tends to be puffier. Unless you're on a tight schedule, give the body time for blood to circulate away from your face and back through the body. This will provide you with a better surface to work with.

Apply the pre-shave

After cleaning your skin and patting dry, take your routine up a notch by applying a pre-shave oil to your facial hair. You can never prep enough for the harshness that comes with shaving and a sharp blade. The oils in a pre-shave soften hair and nourish it, so your skin is even more prepared. You can never be overprepared.

Your shaving agent

Never dry shave, and always shave with the grain! Of course, shaving against your whisker growth will feel like a closer shave and buy you some more time before that five o'clock shadow shows up, but you're more likely causing more irritation than you think. Before you begin shaving, apply your favorite shave gel. If you're like us, our go-to is the PRO-COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel. This gel prepares your beard for a close, comfortable shave that helps restore moisture stripped by shaving. If you have sensitive skin, a good shave gel is necessary, especially if you're shaving every day. Here's your final reminder to shave in the direction of your hair growth to prevent razor bumps and burns.

Recovery mode

Now that the shaving is complete let's kick it into recovery mode. The same way you used warm water to open your pores, let's reverse that and close the pores while washing away any debris with cold water. Cold water reduces inflammation which is crucial in soothing the skin. Now it's time to nourish, calm, and protect your skin with the RECHARGE Age Combating serum. This serum soothes the appearance of irritation and redness and has your skin's back when you need it the most.

Moisturizer is your right-hand man

After shaving, it can take your skin up to 48 hours to heal. This is not the time to quit the fight against irritation. The best defense and partner in crime is a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. The LIFT Anti-Gravity moisturizer provides intense hydration, which helps tone and firm what gravity has damaged. Many men forget that shaving takes a toll on your skin and really dries it out. Add a moisturizer to your routine to restore moisture in your skin and make it look even healthier in the short and long run. Follow the rules, and no one gets hurt, or should we say, no one gets razor burn and irritation.