Halloween Skincare Recovery Guide

While it's always important to end your night with your skincare routine, we know there are times we all drop the ball. It happens to everyone, every once in a while. But, the one night that shouldn't fall into that category: Halloween. If you go out in costume, no matter how fun the Halloween party is or how tired you are from a spooktacular night, you must tend to your skin.

Step 1
Get prepared for the night to follow. First, be sure to properly hydrate and moisturize your skin before applying any face makeup. The hydration will help with the dryness and cracking of your spooktacular look. The second benefit to hydrating before is that your skin won't feel extra dry after washing the night off.

Step 2
You'll probably need a good makeup remover to get the makeup off your face. We would suggest a makeup remover oil to get the job done. Cover your face with makeup remover and let it sit for about a minute. Give the remover time to break the makeup down, and then use a warm damp washcloth to wipe the makeup off. Remember, it's best to wipe in an outward motion. It might take more than one complete wiping, so don't be surprised!

Step 3
Cleanse, the most important step after wearing costume makeup all night. Use a gentle cleanser to wash off dirt, makeup, and any makeup residue that's been left behind. Be sure to wash all the makeup off, so there isn't any dirt or bacteria left to clog your pores later.

Step 4
The final step. After you cleanse, as with your usual routine, be sure to moisturize your skin. Profiles Anti-Lift Gravity Moisturizer gives the perfect hydration needed for all occasions and is perfect for this one.

Even if you follow these steps, it's possible your skin is red or irritated after a night in full Halloween makeup. If that's the case, be extra gentle on your face and stop the use of scrubs or exfoliators until your skin returns to normal.