How to Face Aging Fearlessly

This is the time of the year reserved for getting your scare on, but since most Halloween activities have been put on hold, what's there to fear really? Well, quite a bit when it comes to growing old. Perhaps even scarier than ghosts, goblins, and witches is when Father Time is knocking on your door, and you develop a severe case of Gerascophobia, otherwise known as a fear of aging. And although you can run but not hide from him, you can certainly put the unwelcome mat out. In fact, if you suffer from any of the following phobias in regard to aging, you don't have to be afraid any longer. Developing a daily skincare regimen as a proactive measure will give you the confidence you need to overcome your fears of aging, so that you will only need to don that mask if it's part of a costume.

Fear of Wrinkles

Believe it or not, the fear of developing wrinkles is quite common. After all, no one wants to look like an old warlock year-round. Rhytiphobia is the extreme fear of not only getting wrinkles but aging in general. Though it mainly affects people more as they become older, it can also manifest in those who are younger. Breakdown of collagen and the environment are two of the skin’s most damaging factors. Genetics can also play a part in the development of wrinkles. The best way to scare them away, however, is to use products like RECHARGE that contain CoQ-10, which is a co-enzyme that stimulates collagen and can even heal sun-damaged skin. This age-combating serum is also fortified with vitamins and antioxidants that help soothe dry, irritated skin, which can be further aggravated by shaving.

Fear of Sunlight

Dracula shouldn't be the only who suffers from a bad case of heliophobia, which is a fear of sunlight. Even on overcast days, UV rays can penetrate your skin, burning through the layers and killing healthy cells. And unless you’ve been living under a rock (or perhaps in a coffin) you know that sunlight is a leading cause of both skin cancer and premature aging. So yes, you too should be afraid of the sun’s damaging rays, especially if you don't wear sunscreen EVERY single day.

Fear of Bacteria

Mysophobia is a condition that causes an obsessive fear of germs and bacteria. You know, the kind of things that clog pores and cause breakouts? The people who suffer with this phobia are commonly called germaphobes. How does this relate to aging? Well, pores that become trapped with dirt and toxins can alter the pH in your skin causing it to dry out, which is a welcome wagon for wrinkles and dry, cracked skin that prevents new cell growth. Using a charcoal-based scrub such as REVITALIZE is a great way to soothe your fear (and your skin). Formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids to slough off dead cells, this detoxifying exfoliator will give you the courage to face your fear (literally).

Fear of Gravity

Barophobic is not as it sounds, a fear of bars. It’s actually a fear of gravity. Those who suffer from it are concerned mainly that gravity will either crush them or allow them to float away. But there’s another kind of gravity that’s also very frightening. It's the gravitational pull on skin. That's right, sagging. For men over 20, collagen loss depletes more rapidly each day. The loss of collagen is a contributing factor to saggy, loose skin. Though we can’t stop the depletion of it, we can slow it down by enhancing the collagen already present in the skin. Choose a moisturizer that contains some form of hyaluronate acid, a molecule naturally present in our bodies. It works as a humectant to bind moisture to skin and help boost collagen levels so you can be brave when your fear of gravity kicks in.

Fear of Opening Eyes

If your eyes are puffy and encased with dark circles, it’s no wonder you’re afraid to open them. Nobody wants to see that. Lack of sleep and environmental aggressors are two factors that contribute to swollen raccoon-like eyes. Because eye tissue is thin, blood vessels are closer to the surface, and they dilate when you are sleep deprived. This causes the skin under your eye to darken. Retention of fluids is what causes them to swell and this is further aggravated by allergies and improper sleeping positions. But don’t fear. If you find yourself suffering with a case of optophobia, rescue your eyes with REVIVE, our anti-aging serum specifically designed for men. It minimizes dark circles and puffiness, and moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes so you don’t have to be afraid to open them.

If you’re haunted by the wrinkles, sagging, and breakouts associated with premature aging, developing a skincare routine will help you to conquer your fears so you can shut the front door on Father Time.