How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

As we get older, it gets harder to look refreshed 24/7. You would think 8 hours of sleep with a balanced diet is enough to rid your eyes of any signs of exhaustion or puffiness. Those eyes aren't getting off that easy. For many busy on-the-go men, 8 total hours of sleep isn’t an option. Tired puffy eyes are usually due to the accumulation of fluid in the periorbital area, and there are a few factors that play a role. No matter the cause of under-eye puffiness, it's never flattering. You're always on the go, and while there's not one simple, quick-fix solution, Profiles Revive Eye Rescue Serum battles the aging process with you while fighting dark circles and eye puffiness. Get your hands on this must-have to make tired eyes a thing of the past or at least less visible. A great tip is to put the serum in the refrigerator so the cold helps tackle the puffiness. You’re welcome!

Sometimes the dark circles and puffiness are out of your control. You get a full night's sleep and get to the office only to be asked, "Get much sleep last night?”... You think to yourself, did I sleepwalk my way to a party and dance the night away? Chances are you didn’t.

Aside from this superhero eye serum, there are a few other backup players that can make a difference. A second option is at your fingertips, literally. A gentle double tap goes a long way. Try lightly tapping the eye area and massaging the pressure points to encourage lymphatic drainage. Not sure how much time you have on your hands, but if you find yourself with extra for some self-care- cucumbers are a perfect option and an excellent excuse to rest your eyes. Cold cucumber slices are fantastic at calming puffy eyes.

Whatever route you take to rescue tired-looking eyes, Profiles eye serum is your secret weapon. Eye puffiness isn't always avoidable, but thankfully, there are options. The Profile line of products is specifically made for men with you in mind. Everyone is on the go, but there is always time to make sure you're putting your best face forward, and rest assured knowing you're getting proven results and hassle-free skincare with these proprietary formulas. You can't beat the simplicity and affordability of such a powerful line. Make tired eyes an old look and rescue your eyes when they need some help.