Tips to Minimize Large Pores

Your pores say a lot about your skin. Not pointing fingers, but if you notice your skin seems off and doesn't look as smooth as usual or as you would like, large pores could be to blame! Pores that have a buildup of dirt, oils, and impurities can appear enlarged. Following a skincare routine can work in your favor to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Shrinking your pores isn't possible, but we're here to give you some tips to minimize their appearance

TIP #1 Deep Cleaning for your pores

A good cleanser gets rid of excess dirt and oil in your skin. A good option for your routine is the ACTION Rehydrating Cleanser. This cleanser was made just for that! The cleanser is specifically formulated to naturally help give pores a deep cleaning from dirt, sweat, and oil and enriches the skin with vitamins and nutrients that most other cleansers strip away. Always wash your face with clean hands and use warm water to cleanse your face.

TIP #2 Exfoliate on the regular

Exfoliating once or twice a week can surely do the trick of unclogging your pores, making them appear smaller. Use the REVITALIZE Detoxifying Face Scrub to remove deep dirt, dead cells and impurities, and skin toxins to reveal younger skin. The potent blend of charcoal, oat extract, and bamboo zero in on those impurities.

TIP #3 Moisturize

Its always critical to restore your skin's hydration with a moisturizer. With the LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer, skin elasticity is improved, and your skin's natural moisturizing properties are amplified. This proprietary blend reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and does so within 15 mins! Moisturizer is essential to assist with the look of large pores.

TIP  #4 Always use SPF

The benefits of sunscreen can't be stressed enough! Your skin can benefit from sunscreen for so many reasons, and minimizing the appearance of large pores is one of them. Your DEFEND Hydrating Facial Sunscreen should be applied daily even when there's an overcast, and the sun isn't beaming down. Sun-damaged skin loses firmness which increases the appearance of pores, so apply SPF 15 minutes before sun exposure.

TIP  #5 Hydrate

Water hydrates your skin internally, so aside from using your PROFILE skincare regimen, hydrate with some H20. Water helps reduce the toxins in your pores, which means your pores won't be so visible. Our suggestion is to carry your PROFILE Yeti Water Bottle with you to stay on top of staying hydrated all day. This bottle will keep your drinks icy cold or perfectly hot- depending on how you like your water. 26 ounces of water fits in the bottle, and it's a perfect way to keep up with your water intake when you're on the go.

Even though you can't change your pores size, these tips and tricks can help minimize their appearance and make skin look smoother. Enlarged pores don't need to be permanent; just make sure you're taking care of your skin and body the right way to avoid clogging them.