Let's Talk Hyaluronic Acid

The ingredients in the Profile skincare line were chosen and tested carefully for 6 years, with the goal of utilizing elements in nature and in our bodies that produce highly effective results. Hyaluronic Acid, found in our LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer and REVIVE Eye Rescue Serum, is known for its anti-aging properties. What is Hyaluronic Acid, and why does it work?  

Though it sounds like something being passed around at Burning Man, hyaluronic acid or HA as it’s known, is actually a gel-like molecule that was first discovered in cattle in the early 1900s. Before it gained a reputation cosmetically, it was used to repair damaged joints and tissue. The body naturally produces HA, which helps significantly with keeping eyes, skin, and connective tissue well lubricated. It works like all humectants do by binding to the water inside your cells where it traps and retains moisture. Half the HA in our bodies is concentrated in the skin where it works with collagen to maintain elasticity. With age, the water content in the body depletes, and because HA has less to bind to, the skin begins to lose suppleness. This causes it to wrinkle and eventually even sag. Though nothing can stop the aging process entirely, the addition of HA supplements to your daily skincare routine can provide a bevy of benefits to slow it down.

Diminishes Wrinkles

In a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, participants who applied an HA serum to their face twice a day for eight weeks showed visible signs of improvement with wrinkles, especially those around the eyes. This is further enhanced when the amino acids known as peptides develop as collagen in the skin breaks down. This breakdown alerts cells to produce more collagen and also more HA. These three things work together to help boost elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles by restoring the levels of fatty acids in the skin. REVIVE, our under eye rollerball, contains sodium hyaluronate, which are salts derived from HA. Because they are made of smaller molecules, these salts penetrate the skin more easily, becoming absorbed by its layers. When they bind with water, moisture gets trapped in the skin, and this is what helps keep the tissue around your eyes free of lines, puffiness, and dark circles. For a refreshing treat, stick it in the fridge a few minutes before applying.

Regenerates Skin Cells 

Another benefit of HA is its ability to regenerate skin cells. It takes about a month for new skin cells to make it to the surface and push old cells out of the way. However, when you introduce topical peptides to the skin, it is fooled into believing it’s wounded, and this stimulates the production of collagen, which increases cell turnover and helps with pigmentation issues. This is just one of the reasons it’s important to use skincare products that contain peptides. Using a combination of vitamin C and HA can drastically reduce dark spots over time and help brighten skin. Research has shown that HA also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties when applied topically.

Enhances Hydration

HA, frequently referred to as nature’s moisturizer, is a moisture magnet. It connects with water to lock moisture into the skin to prevent evaporation. But not all topical HAs are the same. They come in different molecular weights, which (without geeking out too much on the subject of molecular biology) can affect the way your skin absorbs it. LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer contains sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer, which much like sodium hyaluronate, consists of smaller molecules that infiltrate the skin’s layers with ease, making it well-hydrated and supple. When any form of HA is paired with vitamin C, another ingredient of our anti-gravity moisturizer, these results are enhanced. As an added benefit, if applied to damp skin, LIFT can actually form a moisture barrier to help block environmental toxins and UV rays, both of which destroy the HA found naturally in the body. Could this be Rob Lowe's secret weapon against aging?