Make the Move, Summer to Fall Skin Care

It’s that time of year when the leaves go from green to orange and the air goes from wet to dry. And you should be conscious of how this affects your skin. During the summer when the heat and humidity is keeping your skin oily and damp you have the urge to constantly wash all the dirt and toxins off. As the climate shifts so should your routine. In the colder months you don’t need to cleanse as much but moisturize more.

In the morning just run a warm wash cloth across your face to wipe the sleep away. While your skin is slightly damp it’s the perfect time to apply REVIVE – Under Eye Rescue Serum. This will reduce any puffiness or dark circles and keep away under eye shine. Revive Serum also, will help fight the signs of premature aging to keep you looking great. After you Revive your eye’s it’s essential to moisturize with DEFEND – Hydrating Facial Sunscreen. Even though you aren’t laying out at the beach, the sun’s UVA and UVB rays are still damaging year long. Defend will keep your skin moisturized and protected from the cold dry air.

At the end of the day, before bed is a great time to wash away the grim and grit from the day with ACTION – Rehydrating Facial cleanser. Not only will it remove the impurities that your face has encountered that day, but it will also enrich your skin with nutrients and vitamins. Once your skin is cleansed it’s time to Recharge. RECHARGE – Age Combating Serum is not only good post shave, but should be used daily to nourish and soothe your skin. Recharge can support your skins texture and even out its tone, all while removing the appearance of redness and possible irritations from weathers elements. If you follow these simple steps your skin will keep on looking great through the cold winter months.