Summer Skincare Routine

Summer is almost upon us, and some days, it feels like it's already here. As the days get warmer and we transition into summer, let's be sure our skincare routine and protective measures follow. The summer heat definitely plays a role on our skin, so being prepared is your best option to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Summer usually means more days outside, but the bad news that comes with it is more heat and humidity, meaning more breakouts and oilier skin. Due to this change in moisture in the air, some of us are more prone to clogged pores and breakouts.

Don’t stress! There's a way to deal with the summer heat, and a few tweaks to your skincare routine and lifestyle are all it takes!


Sunscreen is part of your routine year-round, but it's extra important to keep within reach during the summer! Be sure you're protected from the harmful UV rays and wear sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher. Reapplication is key, and we can't stress it enough. If you’re outdoors, remember to apply every two hours per The Skin Cancer Foundation's suggestions.

More Shade Time

Of course, we can't avoid the sun at all times, nor do we want to. However, experts do recommend wearing sun-protective clothing when possible, sunglasses and hats when in the sun. If you hit the beach this summer, you may want to consider bringing along an umbrella to avoid the midday sun as well. Wearing a hat not only protects your scalp from the sun but can also protect your hair from unnecessary heat and dryness. And, those cool new shades you recently picked up protect your eyes from UV rays and the thin, sensitive skin on your eyelids. (If anyone has used a tanning bed, you'll remember they require the use of tanning goggles, that's because the skin on our eyelids is so fragile, and many people tend to forget how important it is to protect.)

Exfoliate, But Do So Gently!

A good skincare routine includes weekly exfoliation. As we mentioned, summer can bring oiler skin and clogged pores. This doesn’t mean you exfoliate till your skin is irritated! Be sure to exfoliate but do so gently! You don’t want to disrupt the skin barrier and make your skin more sensitive. Over-exfoliation will trigger the production of more oil, and you won't be a happy camper.

Wash Your Face Often

We all know it's important to wash our faces morning and night. This tip may seem like an obvious one, but it's important to remember during the summer when we’re extra sweaty! The summer heat and humidity cause an overgrowth of microbes on the skin, causing more bacteria to appear. Be sure you’re cleansing more often if needed to remove the extra buildup of dirt and oil on your skin. You want to make sure your skin keeps it glow all summer long, and feeling extra clean is a plus. Cleansed skin is also more prepared for the skincare products that follow, so it's just an extra perk your skin will be happy with. The Action Rehydrating Cleanser is specifically formulated to give a deep clean and remove the dirt, sweat, and oil from your pores and is precisely what your skin needs during the harsh summer heat.

Don’t Stop Moisturizing

You’ll notice your extra sweaty and oily during the summer months. No matter what you do, don’t stop moisturizing. You might think your skin looks shiny and doesn’t feel as tight and dry as it did during colder winter months. Don’t be fooled! Despite the weather being hot and humid, you always want to moisturize. After you cleanse your skin, follow up with your LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. The good thing about this moisturizer is that it doesn’t have an oily feel and absorbs nicely.

Even if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun this summer, just be sure your skin is prepared. The warm weather brings some skincare challenges, but none we can't beat. Yes, you need to apply sunscreen more often or stay under the shade to protect your skin when possible with an umbrella or hat. Consider this your guide to healthy summer skin all season long, and remember, all of these changes are within reach, especially the SPF since it's the most important during the summer.