Tips For Clear Healthy Skin Post-Workout

There's a feeling of achievement you get post-workout. You feel good with an energy boost, knowing you did something good for your body. Working out not only keeps you healthy and gives a boost of feel-good energy, but it's also beneficial to your skin. Working out regularly can promote younger-looking skin, a healthy glow, and an even complexion. On the downside, working out can cause some skincare concerns if not treated correctly. We're here to share some tips for clear, healthy skin post-workout!

When you work out, you sweat; that's no secret. The sweat and oil that builds up on your skin during your workout session can clog your pores and leave you with acne breakouts. If you don't care for your skin the right way after your workout and rinse the sweat off, you're more prone to breakouts, so it's important to take care of your skin when your sweat session is over. We work out to feel good and look good; we don't need acne blemishes and skin issues to hold us back after all the hard work we've put in.

Tips for Clear Healthy Post Workout Skin:

#1 - Change out of your sweaty clothes, ASAP

During an intense workout, it's normal to soak your clothes and sweat a lot! Even if you cool down after your gym sesh, you're not safe from skin issues. It's essential to change out of those sweaty clothes as quickly as possible. The sweat your clothes absorbed trap moisture next to your skin and create the perfect environment for breakouts on your body. Be sure to wash your gym clothes before wearing them again since oils and dirt can get trapped in the fabric.

#2 - Don't just change out of your clothes; jump in the shower!

After a good workout, hop in the shower to wash the sweat and oils off your body. Maybe you don't have access to a shower right away; that's understandable, but at least get out of the sweaty clothes and shower as soon as you possibly can. If you don't rinse off properly, the bacteria on your body will clog your pores and make you more prone to acne breakouts.

#3 - Wash your face

I don't know about you, but there's sweat dripping down my face when I work out. I find myself blotting the sweat away with a small towel or wipe with my shirt when necessary. Just because the sweat is wiped away doesn't mean your face is clean. After your workout, wash your face gently. The Action Rehydrating Cleanser is a moisturizing, stimulating and nourishing face wash that is perfect for cleaning out your pores and our suggestion.

#4 - After you cleanse, moisturize!

Once your workout is complete and you wash your face, be sure to apply your moisturizer. Using moisturizer post-workout will hydrate and soothe your skin to reduce redness and give your skin a glow. When we work out and sweat, our skin loses water and hydration. We want to be sure to replenish, and the LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer is a perfect option that's made specifically for men!

#5 - Let's reapply the SPF

We know you started your morning off with a sunscreen application before stepping outside; of course, you did. Now that the workouts complete and you've cleansed your skin from sweat, oils, and bacteria, it's time to reapply. Our suggestion, the DEFEND Hydrating Facial Sunscreen.

#6 - Hydrating your body

It should go without saying that drinking water after a workout is key. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body, and drink a good amount. It is essential to drink water immediately after your gym session and continually for the rest of the day. Hydration in your body is important to replenish the moisture you lost while working out. Our tip is to keep your Profile Yeti water bottle nearby, and you'll be all set!

You always want your skin to look its best, and these tips for clear, healthy post-workout skin will keep you on the right path. Never stay in your sweaty post-workout clothes and cleanse skin as quickly as possible. Following this advice will keep your skin in a healthy condition and help maintain that healthy glow!