Winter Defense: Change Up Your Skin Care Routine for the Season

Winter weather presents a complex set of challenges for men’s skin care. The cold, dry air outside combined with heated air inside strips your skin of moisture. Dry, flaky skin is not only unattractive but also uncomfortable. A few tweaks to your regular routine will help your skin beat the winter blahs.

The Winter Defense Pack has everything you need to keep from having rough, scaly or itchy skin this winter. Follow these tips to take proper care of your face.

Drink Up

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your skin, especially in the winter. The skin is an organ, and just like any other organ, its cells are made up of mostly water. When they become dehydrated they don’t function as well and they will begin to look dull and lifeless. Give your skin a head start by getting 2 liters (about a half-gallon) of water a day.


Winter Defense Kit

Winter Defense Kit


Just because its winter doesn’t mean you should skip this step. It is just as important to remove dead skin cells in winter as in any other season. The simplest way to exfoliate during winter is to use a gentle cleanser, such as the Action Rehydrating Cleanser, and wash with a wash cloth. This gentle cleanser is formulated to deep clean dirt, sweat, and oil, and the washcloth will gently remove dead skin cells while the cleanser enriches your skin with vitamins and nutrients.

If you need a little more exfoliation, use the Revitalize Detoxifying Face Scrub. A potent blend of oat extract, charcoal and bamboo removes impurities and toxins, while alpha-hydroxy acids exfoliate, unclog pores, and prep follicles for a closer shave.

Shave Carefully

Careful shaving during the winter will keep your skin looking its best. The optimum time to shave is just after a hot shower – the heat helps open your pores. You could also place a hot towel on your face for a few minutes before you shave.

Apply Pro-Comfort Triple Action Shave Gel to your skin and rinse your razor after each stroke as you shave. This gel gives you a smoother shave while moisturizing, toning, calming, and nourishing your skin. It also protects you from nicks and cuts.

Be sure to use a razor that fits your hair’s coarseness and skin type. Your skin will thank you. After you shave, pat your skin dry – rubbing is too rough – and immediately apply Recharge Age Combating Post Shave Serum to moisturize your skin and reduce the chances of any irritation caused by shaving. This serum reduces redness while it nourishes, soothes, and protects your skin.

Use Sunscreen

It is easy to forget sunscreen during the short, dark, cold winter days, but it is important to remember sun protection whenever you head outdoors, regardless of the season. Defend Hydrating Facial Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays while also moisturizing and protecting your skin from the signs of aging. Sun damage is a major cause of lines and wrinkles, so don’t be tempted to skip this step.

Proper skin care is important every season of the year, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Winter skin care offers many challenges, but just a few minor changes to your regular routine will keep your skin hydrated and help reduce or eliminate discomfort from dry winter skin.