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The facial cleansers, face washes, and scrubs in the Profile line were developed specifically for men.  Men’s skin is different: oilier, with larger pores and perspiration. Rob Lowe crafted and tested these formulas over a period of 6 years, with the goal to find the most effective, safe, and natural ingredients with just the right scent for a man. Washing your face daily with more than a bar of soap is important for men of all ages. Unfortunately, many men have not been taught the skin care tips that Rob learned from professionals throughout his career, and now he’s sharing them with you.

To safely remove oil and impurities and fight the signs of aging, use both our liquid face wash and face scrub. The specific formulas include the most effective natural ingredients, amino acids, alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins and nutrients. Deep clean pores safely for refreshed, clean, clear skin. Whether you simply wash your face daily or use these cleansers as part of your full routine, Profile products are designed with men’s habits in mind.

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ACTION Rehydrating Cleanser
  • $29.50

Daily Face Wash

REVITALIZE Detoxifying Face Scrub
  • $29.50