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Get a close, smooth shave every time with these luxury shaving products by Rob Lowe. Shaving can be harsh on men’s skin. Start with a quick deep clean using our daily face was designed for men’s skin, ACTION Rehydrating Cleanser. The prep your skin with a hot shower or hot towel to open pores and soften hair or stubble. With a fresh high-quality razor, shave with PRO COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel, in or out of the shower. It prepares your skin for a smooth shave and prevents nicks and cuts by reducing sensitivity. Formulated with pH balancing, vitamins and nutrients, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to get a closer shave and reduce redness and irritation. Add to the anti-aging effects of the shave gel with a follow-up step: RECHARGE Age Combating Serum. A perfect after-shave treatment, the serum boosts collagen production and fights environmental pollutants, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. This simple shaving routine will help soothe and protect your skin from damage before and after you shave.

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RECHARGE Age Combating Serum
  • $59.50
  • $49.50

Post Shave Anti-Aging Treatment

PRO-COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel
  • $27.50